'America's Next Top Model' Might Not Be Done After All

We all mourned when we heard that America's Next Top Model was going off the air. After all, we pretty much grew up with the show—we were there for every Ty-over, all of Miss J's memorable moments and of course, the epic episode where Tyra schooled Tiffany. But it looks like all hope is not lost—America's Next Top Model might make it back to the top of our queues again.

We're going to assume this is (at least in part) Tyra's doing—after all, she's not the type to take no for an answer. According to DeadlineTop Model is being pitched to cable and streaming platforms—and seeing as re-runs on TV as well as season on Netflix and Hulu have reportedly performed well, this certainly isn't a bad move. Here's to hoping this actually happens—we're not sure we're ready to say goodbye to Tyra's fierceness just yet.