AMC Theatres Will Screen Several Disney Princess Movies This Fall

Some of my biggest high school trips to the movie theater involved seeing Disney movies that were being re-released. There was something surreal about seeing those animated classics on the big screen, and now movie buffs will get another chance to see Disney epics as they should be presented. HelloGiggles reports that Disney has partnered with AMC to screen several princess films throughout September and October as part of the Dream Big, Princess marathon.

Running from Sept. 8 to Oct. 13, 304 AMC theaters and L.A.’s El Capitan Theatre will screen a different Disney film every week. The films selected for the marathon are a mix of classics and new favorites, so a trip to the movies is ideal if you have a little sister or relative who’s still in her magical, princess-obsessed phase. Expect to see the original Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Tangled, Moana (but only if you’re hitting up the El Capitan), The Princess and the Frog and Brave.

In addition to taking part in the special princess marathon, El Capitan also seems to be keeping up the vintage Disney love, advertising limited runs of both The Lion King and A Goofy Movie on its Twitter. Also evident on the theater’s Twitter were fans celebrating the news of the special screenings.

AMC Theatres will start selling tickets to the screenings on Aug. 2, while El Capitan will release them on Aug. 4.