Amber Heard is Being Sued for $10 Million Because She Wouldn't Do Nude Scenes in Her New Film

Actress Amber Heard has most recently been in the news because of her divorce from Johnny Depp. Now, she's being accused of not fulfilling the duties of her latest film, London Fields. The production company for the film is suing Heard for at least $10 million dollars, according to Refinery29.

The court documents claim Heard failed to promote the film and refused to do the originally-scripted nude scenes. Instead, the scenes were supposedly rewritten or reworked by Heard and director Mathew Cullen. Heard's contract only said she could approve of the scenes after filming, not change their content.

TheWrap reports that Heard was also one of multiple stars who failed to show up to the movie's premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). She did, however, attend TIFF to promote other films, including The Danish Girl.

London Fields was filmed in 2015 during Heard's split from Depp, who also stared in the film. Refinery29 suggests that this may be one reason for her reluctance to be a part of press events. However, she did attend the premeire of Depp's film Black Mass. 

Producers are also pointing fingers at Cullen, who they claim sabotaged the completion and marketing of the film. Cullen responded by suing the production company for fraud, claiming they did not give him the creative control he was promised.

There's no business like show business—and maybe that's a good thing.