Amazing International Reaction to the Royal Baby

As the world continues to swoon over the new little prince, some of the international reaction has been unprecedented. Front pages of newspapers across the world have been taken over by the new heir to the British throne. In Britain, one of the daily papers changed its name from “The Sun” to “The Son” for the day in honour of the birth.

Kate and Wills have now left the hospital and returned to Kensington Palace with their son – but not until after the world had a quick glimpse of the beautiful new baby. Even though the world’s photographers weren’t the quietest, the baby appeared to sleep throughout its short first appearance. He certainly is a beautiful little boy!


The US, having celebrated independence from colonial Britain less than three weeks ago, is now bursting with festivities for the royal baby. Niagara Falls, NY, announced the sex of the baby to its visitors by lighting the falls an impressive blue.

In more tasty news, Dunkin Donuts have sent their congratulations to Kate and Wills by releasing a new Royal Munchkin Donut! The donut appears to have been designed to be suitable for either a girl or a boy and will be released soon. The company tweeted the following message along with this photo to congratulate the new parents: “Congrats from #DunkinDonuts! In celebration, we will have our own #RoyalMunchkin coming to U.S. DDs soon!”

Whilst there has been an overwhelming and fun response internationally, there has also been the expected traditional response.

President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle were quick to send their congratulations yesterday and said that “we wish them all the happiness and blessings that parenthood brings”. 

Kate’s parents, Carole and Michael, visited their new grandchild for the first time this morning.  After their visit they met the new prince, Carole announced that he is “absolutely beautiful”.  Now we really can’t wait to see him!

The birth has also been marked with traditional gun salutes and the ringing of Westminster Abbey’s bells.

Now that the “Kate wait” is over, the wait for the baby’s name begins. But don’t get too excited yet, as the British Royal Family have a habit of taking a long time to announce the names of their children. It took the Queen a month to name Prince Charles and it was a week before we knew Prince William’s name. Only time will tell how long it is before we know the name of this new baby!