Amandla Stenberg's New Short Film Proves She's More Than Just an Actress

Since her Hunger Games debut as Rue in 2012, actress Amandla Stenberg has been trying her hand at different art forms. More specifically, she's been experimenting with what it's like to be on the other side of the camera, and her latest creation shows that acting may not be the only career path Stenberg has to look forward to.

Stenberg has gained significant media attention for her poetry in the past. But now it's her New York University application that is attracting buzz. 

Amandla's short film Blue Girls Burn Fast, which stars Leeza Lester, Julia Rocha, Kelley Smith-Wait, Duke Nicholson and Kyleigh Booker, is a 19-minute piece about a girl named Andy in foster care who meets a new friend. Telling anymore about the film would be a major spoiler alert, but the length grants you no excuse not to watch it.

Even though the short was filmed on a DSLR camera, Stenberg shows off her cinematography craft with poetic beach shots, excellent sound quality and a plot that gets you thinking but also helps you relate to the characters.

Stenberg will be attending NYU in the fall, and with skills like these, we're just waiting on her first feature film.