Alexis Bledel Proves She Does Know How to Hold Things

After months of anticipation, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is finally here! And while we all have our own opinions on the series' ending, one thing people seem to agree on is the idea that Alexis Bledel (aka Rory Gilmore) doesn't know how to hold things. After the revival's promotional posters were released, some criticized Alexis for the odd way that she held a coffee mug and a small bouquet of flowers. Now, Alexis is clearing up the misconception and proving that she actually does know the proper way to hold a coffee mug. 

While visiting The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon asked Alexis about the promotional posters. "They are saying you don’t know how to hold things," Fallon said, showing Alexis this photo of herself awkwardly holding the flowers:

Then Jimmy showed Alexis this one:

We have to admit, the way Alexis is holding that coffee mug is unusual, especially in comparison to Lauren Graham. However, Alexis has a valid reason as to why she's holding it that way.

"Well mostly it’s not normal because it’s an oversized coffee mug," she explained. "That coffee mug is almost as big as my face, so I feel like I was set up to fail there."

To prove once and for all that she knows how to hold objects, Alexis grabbed a regular-sized mug. "I mean this is normal-sized, so it's no problem," she said. "I got it."