Adam Levine Responds to His Craziest Fan Like a Pro

It is every fangirl’s dream to be at her favorite concert and to be pulled on stage by the love of her life (in her mind at least) and serenaded in front of all of the performer's adoring fans until everybody realizes that the two of them are actually soulmates. However, it seems that one fan decided to take matters, and Adam Levine, into her own hands.

Maroon 5 was performing at the Honda Center on April 6 when a female fan found her way onto the stage and grabbed on to lead singer, Adam Levine. The shocking encounter took place near the end of the show during the song "It Was Always You" (she must have thought Levine was speaking to her). The young woman managed to get up on the stage, run up to Levine, and throw her arms around his neck with no security in sight.

There are numerous fan videos on Instagram showing the rocker looking visibly startled and uncomfortable, but he handles the situation like a pro. Later in the night, he joked around with the crowd about the situation and suggested to his fans, “Just straight-up maybe don't do that."


Wow vc Kirsten #AdamLevine #idiot #maroon5

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Moral of the story: wait for your favorite band member to pull you on stage because if you just jump up on your own, they probably will not like you very much... which is not helpful if you’re trying to woo your soulmate.

Adam is not pleased.