9 Reasons Luke Should Be the Next Bachelor

The unthinkable has happened: Luke Pell has been eliminated from the competition for JoJo's heart. Even though we spent a solid two hours ugly-crying about it and cursing The Bachelorette gods for the cruel end to our favorite Texas hunk, there is a light at the end of the tunnel––Luke would be PERFECT as the next Bachelor. Here are nine reasons why this needs to happen immediately. 

1. He's one of the only guys who doesn't have a crazy ex trying to take him down

With Robby and Jordan as the final two, either one of them becoming the next Bachelor is unlikely because of the immense drama surrounding their previous relationships. Ain't nobody got time for that. 

2. Overall Luke seems to be drama free, unlike the notorious Chad and Alex

Luke has been a pretty non-confrontational guy, which makes him all the more likeable. 

3. He served in the military

Bachelor Nation LOVES this. 

4. He's a ridiculously talented musician 

Because the next Bachelor needs a quality we can swoon about. 

5. He's slow to love but loves hard

Luke won't be falling in love with all 25 women at the same time (thank goodness). He'll be slow to find the woman of his dreams, and when he does there won't be any stopping him. 

6. He's overcome so much

On top of the heartbreak inflicted by JoJo, Luke has also served in the military and lost a friend, which makes him compelling. 

7. That one time he showed up on a unicorn


8. He's so attractive it hurts

Because the next Bachelor needs to be hot hot hot. 

9. He's one of the only guys who legitimately wants to find a soulmate

Luke isn't here for a career move, fame or just to have a good time. He was legitimately looking for love and was crushed when it didn't happen. Luke deserves a shot at finding his unicorn, and we would love to see that happen.

Chris Harrison, we implore you to make Luke the next Bachelor. And if not, please send him over to us