The 9 Best Moments from Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar Win

In the moments right up until Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his much-deserved Oscar last night, we were cheering, crossing our fingers and trying to contain our internal screaming. When his moment finally came, we were almost too excited to notice how many incredible things happened as a result of his win. And in case you were, too, we've come up with a list of the nine best moments from Leo's win that you'll want to remember forever.

1. How quickly he ran on stage

Our first thought was, "Wow, if I were doing that, I'd have to walk so carefully just to avoid tripping." Leo clearly had his strut up to the stage practiced.

2. Kate Winslet's expression

Her expression basically sums up how we all feel.

3. The standing ovation

So. Deserved.

4. His inclusion of climate change in his speech

We love that Leo used his moment to bring up an important discussion about climage change and our role in it. If only Leo had won back in 1993, maybe people would have taken climate change more seriously sooner. 

5. How calm he was

How did he stay this calm? We have no idea. He was probably freaking out on the inside. 

6. Celebrating with other winners

It was iconic to see Leo among fellow Oscar winners Brie Larson, Mark Rylance and Alicia Vikander. Just look at how happy he is!

7. Mark Ruffalo congratulates Leo

How perfect is this?

8. Leo learns how to take care of his Oscar

Leo looks just like a first-time parent here. While getting his Oscar engraved at the Governor's Ball after the ceremony, he learned that there's more to having an Oscar than just placing it on a shelf. This exchange was thankfully captured by Variety.

9. Leo jokes about his first win

In the same instance, Leo also joked with the engraver about his first win. "Do you do this every year?" he asked. After she nodded, he responded, "I wouldn't know." We love it! It's almost as if Leo has been in on the Internet-wide inside joke about his lack of Oscar wins…until now, that is!

What was your favorite moment from Leo's big win?