7 TV Shows We Miss


1. 7th Heaven
7th Heaven made crazy families across the nation feel like they had it easy. We fell in love with the Camden family and all of the crazy relationships, fights and celebrations that they shared together. Plus, we got to see Jessica Biel before her J-Timberlake days!

2. The O.C.
Let’s face it: A little part of us died when Marissa Cooper died. We couldn’t resist Summer and Marissa’s sassy attitude and Ryan’s bad boy charm. Also, who doesn’t want to marry Seth Cohen? The O.C was wonderful, and we’re so thankful that all of the seasons are available on DVD.

3. Gilmore Girls
Rory and Lorelai were a dynamic duo in this witty TV series. Through relationships, arguments, and celebrations, these two stuck together, and it was admirable. We rarely see single mother daughter duos on TV anymore, and we miss the Gilmore fam!

4. So Little Time
Before Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen became big-time fashionistas, they were cute little girls, and fun and flirty teenagers! Not only did So Little Time have a super catchy theme song, but the girls were fun to watch, too!

5. The Hills
We love magazines, so it was super fun to watch Lauren Conrad’s Teen Vogue journey. Plus, look how far she’s come! Now she has an awesome clothing line and a book.

6. Friends
Friends was a classic, and we know we weren’t the only ones who freaked out when rumors of a reunion episode surfaced. Nothing is more exciting than Friends reruns on Teen Nick, and we’re crossing our fingers, hoping that the reunion episode rumor is true!

7. Sex and the City
Sex and the City is the kind of show you can sit down and watch for hours straight. We’re super thankful for the marathons on TBS, because we can’t get enough of Carrie Bradshaw!

Which TV shows do you miss? Comment below!