7 Memes That Everyone Pissed That Colton Is The Bachelor Will Relate To

So here's the thing: Colton Underwood is the next Bachelor, and the internet is pissed. And like, rightfully so. Literally no one wants to see Colton as the next Bachelor, just like no one wanted to see Arie as The Bachelor (still waiting for you, Peter!). Also, real talk: do we really need another straight white dude as The Bachelor? Can we get a Hayley Kiyoko, queer Bachelorette, please?! But no, here we are yet again with Colton, as if we haven't seen enough of him already.

It's not like I hate Colton. He sucked me in with his big, dramatic tears throughout Bachelor In Paradise. We bonded while we watched him freak out about whether or not he should be with Tia. But then that drama was over, and he and Tia were A Thing... but now Colton is The Bachelor? It's just too much back and forth, and, tbh, I'm sick of it. And I'm DEF not the only one. 

1. The internet just wants to know: WHY COLTON.


2. When you want anyone but Colton to be The Bachelor.


3. When you hate that Colton is The Bachelor, but you're def still gonna watch.


4. LBR, the only answer is to be mad.


5. He's just so indecisive.


6. When you're just so confused.



Am I going to watch The Bachelor? Um, yes, because I'm a sucker. But am I bitter af and def going to angry tweet? You betcha.