7 Lessons Mindy Lahiri Taught Us About Feminism

In this week's episode of The Mindy Project, Mindy Lahiri takes on a new challenge: the patriarchy. As a working mom, doctor and WOC, Mindy has had to face her fair share of struggles, and this week is no exception. When Jody and Jeremy decide to hire another female doctor—so Mindy can "have someone to watch Bravo with" UGH—Mindy kind of freaks out. She's so used to being the strong female voice in the office that other professional women threaten her. And despite the men in the office consistently making sexist jokes, they claim Mindy is a misogynist. 

However, after an internal dilemma in which Mindy questions why she is so scared of another female doctor, she realizes that society has pitted women against each other her whole life. Her fear of being overshadowed by another woman is a result of our patriarchal society. And the only way to break it wide open? Help other women instead of tearing them down! This episode examines a real societal issue and, in Mindy Kaling's own words via Twitter, "Everyone gets woke AF." In honor of a totally rad feminist episode, here are seven times our girl Mindy gave us lessons in feminism. 

1. Internalized misogyny is way too real. 

Women are raised to think other women are the enemy, even if they don't realize it! Mindy shows us how embracing universal ~girl power~ makes us all stronger in the long run. 

2. Never be afraid to call yourself a feminist. 

Even if you're not a woman. Baby Leo is going to grow up woke AF. 

3. Words have a lot of power—use them wisely!

Try and use female-empowering words every day. Hint: "girl crush" is not one of them. 

4. Always stand up for what you believe in. 

Yell it for the people in the back, Mindy! 

5. Women can do anything they put their minds to.

Whether it's being a full-time working mom, starting your own business…or simply sticking to your NYE resolution. 

6. Body positivity is key. 

Mindy rocks her curves and makes it look damn good. 

7. And always know your self-worth.

Make this your daily feminist mantra, and you'll be on your way to Mindy-level success in no time.