6 Reasons Why Alex Karev Can't Leave Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital

Tension is rising in season 13 of Grey's Anatomy. In Thursday night's episode, Dr. Alex Karev's career is on the line at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital due to his legal situation with DeLuca. Since being placed in the clinic, he's has been wanting to go back into surgery more than anything. According to Chief of Surgery Dr. Miranda Bailey, this placement is punishment for his actions, but he's just completely fed up with it. 

After meeting a woman in the line at the court house, Alex suggested she come into the clinic to get a rash on her hands looked at. Not only was she 16 weeks pregnant with her first child, but come to find out, she had cancer—and had no idea. Alex went to Miranda to challenge the case since the cancer was left untreated for 6 months. 

Grey's fans all around the world know that Alex is one of the best doctors at Grey Sloan. But ever since he has been in legal trouble, Alex hasn't been allowed to do his pediatric surgery work until his case is closed. As we all saw in the episode, Miranda was told by Catherine Avery to let Alex go because he keeps challenging and fighting medical cases and won't listen to Miranda. He just wants the best care for patients, which is what all doctors are supposed to do right?

Shonda is definitely messing with our feelings right now. Alex can't leave the hospital, or the show for that matter. Sure, he's done some questionable things, but he's smart and he's one amazing doctor. If he leaves, Grey's fans everywhere will lose it, we're calling it now. Meredith would be lost without her person, Arizona wouldn't know what to do without her partner in pediatric care, and the entire show would just be lost without this amazing and loving man. 

He needs to stay... and here are a few reasons why:

He's insanely smart. 

He's determined. 

He has a good heart. 

He loves his patients. 

He not afraid to be blunt.

He's the best pediatric surgeon.