6 Haute Couture Contraceptives

While many of us girls love fashion, haute couture and trying to follow the latest trends, perhaps haute couture contraceptives is just a step too far. I mean, we’re all for being safe in the bedroom, and even for fashion to play a part in our lingerie, but designer condoms just seem entirely unnecessary. Despite this, it seems that some of the high-end, haute couture brands offer branded condoms. On the positive side, fashion houses are redesigning safe sex and trying to make it as trendy as their other offerings. Have a look at this selection and see what you think:

  1. Marc Jacobs.

We love that Marc is reminding his customers to be safe, and with the very simple packaging design, you could easily just be carrying round a make up sample! Only available in Marc’s stores for $2.

  1. Louis Vuitton.

LV takes it to the next level with this one. Not only is the packaging branded with the iconic LV monogram, but so is the condom itself! And the price-tag? Oh, only $68…

  1. Chanel.

This Chanel spoof is encouraging its customers to “keep it classy” with its condom.  These ones will set you back a steep $279 for a 12 pack; yikes!

  1. The Original Condom Company.


These little French beauties take their packaging very seriously. In fact, if you just see the box, you might think it’s an engagement ring… It could be a very interesting surprise when you find out what it really is. And the price? $20.

But it isn't just the high-end fashion houses who are launching their own condoms, stars from the music industry and beauty companies are in on this one too:

     5. Enrique Iglesias.

Enrique spotted a gap in the market... Extra-small condoms! When he announced that these would be his next product, he also announced that he's launching them becuase he needs them. 

    6. NARS.

A few years ago NARS launched a Limted Edition "Going Safer Set" at Sephora, which included a shimmer stick, but also two exclusive NARS condoms. This campaign even had a sister: the "Safest Sex" campaign, which had a little black book of all the ways to say "no" instead of the two condoms!

Even sex seems to have a designer element now; it’s a crazy world, collegiettes.