5 Signs Rachel & Peter From 'The Bachelorette' Are Made for Each Other

Rachel's journey as the Bachelorette is already off to a great start. Monday's episode featured the first group dates, a few drama-filled scenes and the first one-on-one (Or should I say two-on-one?). Even though the basketball group date had us on the edge of our seats (C'mon, DeMario, why'd you have to do us like that?!), the one-on-one is what really stole our hearts—and hopefully Rachel's too!

The first lucky man to get real quality time with our girl Rach was Peter, the 31-year-old business owner. The two shared a romantic private jet to a dog lover's paradise in Palm Springs, and later had an intimate dinner together. Basically, we all had googly-eyes the entire time. In case you missed it, here are five reasons why Peter and Rachel are basically made for each other. (We'll be rooting for you from now on, Peter.)

1. He said he'd make a great dad to Copper.

Okay, this is a big one! Our pups are just as important as children, so a future husband has to be just as in love with our furry pets as they are with us. This is great news for Rachel.

2. He would move to Dallas for her. 

Moving cities is a huge commitment, and the fact that he already said he'd move to Dallas to be with Rachel is incredible. Yes, Peter!

3. They both have gap teeth!

Their future children are almost guaranteed to share their cute little gap between their front teeth. Peter might have said their kids would be screwed, but we know they'll actually make the cutest gap-toothed family around.

4. She felt the romance with him.

One of Rachel's biggest complaints during this episode was that she just wasn't feeling the romance with many of the guys, especially on the group date. However, she said she felt it from day one with Peter, and this one-on-one only got her even more heated up.

5. He went to see a therapist to work on himself after his last breakup—and so did she!

Making yourself vulnerable and seeking help from a therapist is a true sign of maturity. This shows Peter is there for all the right reasons.

This might have been the first one-on-one of the season, but Peter is definitely a frontrunner in our books.