5 Reasons Why We Have a Girl Crush on Emma Watson

As Emma Watson (our favorite girl crush since The Half-Blood Prince came out) turns 25 on April 15th, we're celebrating our love for her. And we're celebrating the mad girl hots we have for her. Seriously, if anyone is our girl crush, it's Emma. She takes the (birthday) cake! Here's why she's #1 to us:

1. We grew up with her

We watched one of our favorite childhood characters come to life beautifully on screen, all thanks to Emma Watson. As she (and Hermione) got older, so did we, and she was a role model for us as we transitioned into young adulthood. Hermione is always the smartest person in the room (sorry, Dumbledore), and she doesn't take sh*t from anyone.

2. She's an influential feminist

Her He For She campaign has gained worldwide attention and has brought a new focus to feminism. Watching a young actress transform into a powerful feminist was a strong influnce on all of us.

3. She's fierce as hell

Do we really need an explanation here?

4. Her style is on point

From red carpet to street style, she always slays. How is it fair to be that naturally beautiful, that intelligent, that composed and to have amazing style? No wonder she's our hero.

5. That smolder

We just can't get enough. Happy birthday, Emma!