44 Words of Wisdom from Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope is the most beautiful and brilliant feminist role model to ever grace our televisions. And the best part is her portrayer, Amy Poehler, is basically the living, breathing real world iteration of the government diva. So we couldn’t let Amy’s 44th birthday go by without celebrating Parks and Recreation’s leading lady. Without further ado, here are 44 words of wisdom Leslie Knope has inspired us with.

1. There’s always room for improvement

2. And breakfast!

3. Especially waffles

4. It’s okay to be your own role model

5. Ladies first… sorry, fellas!

6. Binge-watching is downright educational

7. Sleep is for the weak

8. Haters gonna hate

9. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it

10. You are untouchable

11. When all else fails, quote Friday Night Lights

12. Don't even try to relate to today’s youth

13. Be the Eleanor Roosevelt you want to see in the world

14. Break the rules if need be

15. Math, a pointless waste of time

16. Girl code at its finest

17. Own up to your actions

18. Lean on your friends for support


20. You’re worth it

21. Recognize the real issues

22. We all make mistakes

23. Always jump to the most dramatic of conclusions

24. Hold on as long as possible

25. Inventing holidays that celebrate women is, like, the most feminist thing you can do

26. Yelling = love

27. Go big when you’re insulting a foe

28. You’re someone’s inspiration—even if everyone else thinks you’re just annoying

29. Know your level of chill

30. Reach for the stars

31. Find someone you love and like

32. Believe you can be as unstoppable as a centaur

33. Never doubt yourself

34. Don’t be afraid to show off

35. Self-encouragement is the key to success

36. Life’s short; eat dessert ALWAYS

37. Pies and your career are equally important

38. Make your feelings known before it’s too late

39. Patriotism is important

40. The library is the worst

41. Don’t mess with milkshakes

42. Compliment your friends often

43. Just do it

44. Dancing speaks louder than words