30 Times Grey's Anatomy Made You Lose Your Damn Mind

Did you ever really watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy if you didn't experience a wide range of emotions that ultimately resulted in you crying hysterically in front of your TV? After watching twelve seasons of steamy romances and heartbreaking plot twists, it's safe to say that this show is officially making us all "dark and twisty" inside. From the extremely intense to the insanely stupid to the just plain weird, allow us to remind you of a few times when Grey's Anatomy was the root of our emotional issues. 

1. When Addison popped up and caused a rift to form between Meredith and Derek

2. When Izzie discovered she had a brain tumor

3. When George died right after announcing his plan to leave Seattle-Grace and join the army

4. When Meredith drowned

5. When Izzie cut the LVAD wire

6. At the same time that Dr. Burke is shot

7. When Denny died after Izzie agreed to marry him

8. When Burke left Cristina at the altar

9. But popped back up in the tenth season

10. And basically gave Cristina the keys to his hospital, causing her to move to Switzerland

11. When the homemade bomb happened

12. When a shooter arrived in the hospital and shot Derek

13. And Cristina had to perform surgery on him (with a gun to her head)

14. When Callie found out she was pregnant with Mark's baby

15. And got into a terrible car accident that put the baby in danger

16. Which prompted the musical episode

17. When Meredith almost died giving birth 

18. When Owen revealed he had an affair

19. And he and Cristina got a divorce

20. The plane crash that killed Mark and Lexie and caused Arizona to lose her leg

21. When Arizona cheated on Callie

22. And the two eventually got a divorce

23. When Dr. Webber and Ellis Grey's secret daughter showed up as the new head of cardio

24. When Jackson and April lost their baby due to a birth defect

25. When Amelia performed a nearly impossible surgery to remove Dr. Herman's brain tumor

26. When Derek died

27. And the surgeon who failed to save him started dating Callie and got a job at the hospital

28. When Meredith was violently beaten by a patient

29. And when Jackson and April signed the divorce papers

30. And April revealed that she was pregnant immediately after

Oh, Shonda. You always know how to keep us guessing.