24 Lessons We Learned From the Cast of 'Friends'

We laughed, cried and grew up with the cast of Friends. The show had everything from romance to friendship to parenting, and anything and everything in between. It was the greatest news when we heard that it was coming to Netflix, and we admit that we’re guilty of binge-watching past seasons on occasion (or every weekend…).  We learned so much from them, and here are some of our favorite lessons that the cast of Friends has taught us.

1. Be yourself

2. Sarcasm is (almost) always appropriate

3. Always define the relationship 

4. Dance like nobody is watching

5. You're always a kid at heart

6. Sometimes you need a girls' night in

7. Keep it positive

8. Remain calm, cool and collected

9. Everyone has a lobster

10. Sometimes your best friend really is your soulmate

11. Always try to be charming

12. Beauty can be painful

Warning: proceed spray tanning with caution.

13. It's okay to be a little high maintenence 

We all get that way sometimes, don't we?

14. Reality can really suck sometimes

But your friends will always be there to guide you.

15. Bromances are honestly the cutest

Joey and Chandler define #bromancegoals. 

16. Don't try to move furniture by yourself


17. Always justify your desicions 

18. Never be afraid to ask for help

19. Change can be difficult 

20. Honesty is the best policy

21. Be aware

Salmon skin roll.

22. Food is the best

Sandwiches are life.

23. Never give up on love

*swoon* Ross and Rachel!

24. Best friends are forever