22 'ANTM' Moments That Shaped Who We Are Today

We grew up watching America’s Next Top Model. Over the course of 22 cycles, the show taught us how to smize, tooch, strut and own our fierceness. Thanks to Tyra, we’ve become strong, confident women who can totally hold our own and model on command, if need be. We never thought we’d see a day when ANTM wasn’t on our TV screens, but the current cycle will be its last. So we’re looking back on 22 moments that shaped who we are today.

1. You wanna be on top?

Um, yes. Tyra taught us that coming in second place just wouldn’t do. Nothing but the top for us.

2. Elyse explains the modeling industry


3. When that one girl fainted

We know it was a balance disorder or whatever, but as Tyra told Rebecca, sit down if you feel woozy.

4. The show crowns a plus size winner

First and last, sadly. But Whitney proved that any woman can be a show-stopping model, no matter her shape or size.

5. When this girl repeated what contestants on this show have been saying for years

Sometimes you have to look out for yourself, especially in a competition that’s this intense. (But remember, it pays to be nice.)

6. Guys can be models, too?

We were super skeptical when Tyra announced that guys would be joining the show. But it turns out, men can actually be models, too. Hmm. This really gives us a lot to think about.

7. Danielle trips in the most outrageously high heels known to man

Yes, Danielle fell and was then forced to crawl her way to safety as the judges looked on. But then she won, so maybe that makes up for it? Lesson: never wear 10-inch heels. Oh wait…we already knew that.

8. When that one girl left because fashion didn’t interest her AT ALL

Remember Kimberly from Cycle 10? Probably not. But she quit the competition because she discovered that she had no interest in being a model. So make sure you choose your career path wisely. Like, ideally you should enjoy what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life.

9. Phil attempts to hug, fails miserably

Not everybody wants a free hug.

10. Tyra schools Brittani on what it actually means to be a role model

With Cycle 16’s eventual winner Brittani and obligatory bad girl Alexandria feuding in front a client, Tyra made it her mission to teach these ladies the utmost ideals of professionalism. We haven’t argued in public since.

11. When Joanie had her snaggletooth removed

Leave it to Tyra to remove Joanie’s signature snaggletooth. If it were us, we would’ve liked to keep the one thing that made us unique and quirky. The modeling world would just have to deal.

12. Every time anybody got a makeover

ANTM makeovers can go one of two ways—positively transformative or terribly, terribly wrong. But regardless of the results, at some point a basic is gonna throw down. Didn’t makeovers used to be fun? Not in Tyra’s world.

13. When that one girl refused to cut an inch of her hair and then went and married Stephen Amell

Mr. Jay was all up on his high horse when Cassandra left Cycle 5 because she didn’t want to cut one more inch of her hair. Now she’s married to Arrow star Stephen Amell. Worked out for Cassandra, huh?

14. When this girl refused to pose nude

In Cycle 1, Tyra’s nude photo shoot idea was novel to the contestants. That’s why Robin said no to posing in the buff. Which led to one of our favorite quotes from the series’ run: “My grandmother always said, ‘If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.’” It’s a line we live by.

15. Isis becomes the show’s first transgender contestant

Before the trans movement really made its way to television, Cycle 11’s Isis competed on ANTM. If there’s one thing this show has always been, it’s revolutionary.

16. All. That. Jade.

Jade is still considered the biggest villain to ever grace this show. Though she denies the b*tch label she received following her appearance, Jade is proof that sometimes snap judgments stick, whether they’re accurate or not.

17. When Shandi hooked up with that European model…

…even though she had a boyfriend waiting at home. The worst part? Her awkward admission to said boyfriend was filmed and shown shortly after the incident. You heard it here first. Don’t cheat on your bae, ever—but especially not while on reality TV, ladies.

18. Janice Dickinson shuts down this tattletale

Never cross legendary supermodel Janice Dickinson. When she tricked Cycle 6 contestant Gina into ratting on Jade for her bullying ways, Janice turned it back around on Gina. A bit harsh? Yep. But it’s so Janice, right?

19. When someone stole Bre’s granola bar

Living with other people is something you have to adjust to. Bre from Cycle 5 taught us everything we ever needed to know about roommate life. Because Nicole supposedly stole Bre’s granola bar, and that’s when it hit the fan. Don’t steal your roommates’ food. Just don’t.

20. When Miss J was removed from the judges’ panel

Runway coach and diva extraordinaire Miss J is THE reason we still watch this show. So when he was fired after Cycle 18, we were destroyed. It’s never too late for a comeback, though, as he returned at the start of Cycle 21. And all was right with ANTM again.


We will be forever grateful to Tyra for introducing us to the art of the smize.

22. We were rooting for you, Tiffany!

The be-all and end-all moment of Top Model history.

There will never be another one like you, ANTM. #RIP