18 Times Disney Characters Said Exactly What Your Sassy Self Was Thinking

Disney films are the stuff of our childhood—full of charming princes, animal sidekicks and magical fairy dust. But some Disney characters are totally the realest, and now that I'm older I can appreciate their sass and subtweets. Here are 18 times sassy Disney characters acted like my inner diva and threw some serious shade.

1. This sly comment

2. You're ugly AF but…

3. When your BFF drunk dials her ex

4. When someone tells you something you don't want to hear

5. Boi bye

6. When someone dares to inconvenience you

7. Let me love myself

8. lol just telling it like it is

9. That's all

10. This A+ logic

11. Actual footage of me gossiping with my friends, TBH

12. Questioning your friends' choice in boys like

13. "But that will hurt her feelings"

14. When you need to be in control

15. This attitude

16. Meeting new people like

17. When they complain about the restaurant you chose

18. The ultimate queen of sass