16 Things Only 'Gilmore Girls' Fans Who Can't Decide Between Team Jess & Team Logan Understand

One of the best parts of obsessing over any show is the shipping, and Gilmore Girls is no stranger to that. While it seems like most people can agree on Lorelai's love life (Team Luke all the way!), the fight for who should be with Rory is absolutely brutal.

Guess what's even worse? There are many of us who just straight up can't decide. We love Jess, we love Logan, and let's be real, Dean was never a real option. Every rewatch, we think we'll come closer to choosing a team, but we never do.

When you can't decide if you're Team Logan or Team Jess, the struggle is real. And we're the only ones who completely understand that.

1. Season two makes you absolutely love Jess

Whether it's your first time or your seventh, if you love both Team Jess and Team Logan, then you're watching GG in stages. You can even pinpoint when it's happening.

In seasons two and three, you fall in love with Jess. That sass. Those looks. That attitude. And even though a part of you kinda hates Rory for missing her mom's graduation to see him in New York, the fact that she skipped school for him is pretty romantic. 

2. Season three is a mixed bag

Toward the end of season three, you start to get frustrated with him. Get your shit together already, Jess. You wanted Rory to like you and now she does, so stop being so sulky and just communicate

3. And the season three finale? Just stop

If you don't cry during the season three finale when Rory tells Jess she loves him on the phone, then you're a liar. 

4. C'mon, Jess, for real?

We're not sure there's anyone out there who really wanted Rory to run away with Jess when he reappeared at Yale because we're just standing there shaking our heads like, "What?"

5. C'mon, Rory, for real?

It's pretty clear to every Jess/Logan shipper that Rory goes back to Dean because she's confused about her feelings for Jess. And it is SO annoying.

6. Logan, heart eyes

By season five, we're all a little sick of Jess. Runs off without a word, comes back just to tell Rory he loves her and to ask her to run away? Yikes. We're SO ready for Logan when he arrives. 

7. Just be together already

There's a pretty epic build-up between Rory and Logan, and their banter is A+. By the time Dean breaks up with Rory in front of Logan and his friends, we're practically chanting, "Logan! Logan!" at our screens. 

8. Logan is the BEST

If Rory won't have him, we will.

9. Logan is the WORST

We go from zero to 100 pretty quickly, especially after seeing Rory drunk-crying over him in her bathroom with Lorelai. We can relate. 

10. But wait, he doesn't get her?

Once they're finally together, there are a few moments that make us wonder if Logan really knows Rory. Like when he buys her a Birkin bag and she has no idea what it is. Who does he think he's dating—Emily?

11. Jess, my love, come back to me

When Jess reappears in season six, all bets are off. It doesn't help that Rory's been a brat all season and Jess is the one who snaps her out of it, or that Logan is an ass in the entire episode. We kinda want Jess back, like, now?

12. But what about Logan?

He kinda steals our hearts back slowly, just like he does with Rory. But we give him a pretty cold shoulder for a while.


"We were broken up." Have you not watched Friends, Logan? My god. 

14. Jess! Jess! Jess!

By this point, we're chanting Jess's name on the sidelines for real. We have signs and everything. I mean, he wrote a book for crying out loud. And he couldn't have done it without her.

15. What do we do now?

Just like Rory, a part of our hearts wants to stay in that bookstore with Jess, and another part of our hearts is still in love with Logan, despite all the bad he's done.

16. There's no hope

We'll be torn forever. At least we can always binge-watch it all over again and cry.

The fact is, if you're one of the few who honestly can't survive a rewatch without thinking, "Am I Team Jess or Team Logan? Can I be both?" then you're probably screwed, just like we are. Because let's face it: Both Jess and Logan have their absolutely adorable moments. Both have their flaws. Both have their "We want Rory to slap him in the face" moments. 

How many days left until the Netflix revival?