16 Signs You Love Books As Much As Rory Gilmore Does

We all have characters that we relate to, but it takes a special collegiette to be like Rory. You've got to be insanely smart, kind, humble and totally in love with books. While other girls may be Team Dean, Team Jess or Team Logan, you've always been Team Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. Here are 16 signs you love books as much as Rory Gilmore does. 

1. Books are your life, obviously!

2. The bookstore is basically your Barbie Dreamhouse

3. And the library is your vacation home

4. Fun fact: you own multiple library cards to multiple libraries

5. You’ve probably spent thousands of hours in said libraries

6. And of course, millions of hours reading

7. Your Goodreads account has thousands of books listed

8. You opt out of social gatherings to read

9. You love combing bookshelves for the latest releases

10. And will lowkey smell any book you come in contact with

11. You love giving book recommendations

12. You believe reading for homework is not nearly as fun as recreational reading

13. But English classes are pretty great because you probably have them with other book lovers

14. You have a very solid opinion about writing in books and dog-earring pages

15. And of course, you always have a book with you

16. You’ve probably even attempted (or completed!) the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge

Happy reading, collegiettes! And happy binge-watching the Gilmore Girls revival!