16 Shoes You Could Never Walk In

While many of us own shoes that pinch a bit on the toes or are probably a couple of inches too high, we still have to be able to walk in them. You know the moment when you watch a model fall on the catwalk - it's probably because she was wearing the most ridiculous shoes! It turns out that there are so many shoes that we couldn’t even imagine trying to walk in. Check out our pick of the worst!

1. Mixed Media Scorpion High Heel

No one likes scorpions, so why would we want to make our feet look like them? The wheels at the bottom of the heel would just finish us off - we'd be on the floor before stepping out the door!

2. Shoes That Go Backwards

These backwards heels are a miracle of engineering, but not one we plan on celebrating by actually wearing them. Take two steps in these heels and you'll lose your ankles. 

3. High Heeled Flippers

There are occasions in life that call for flippers, but none that would simultanelously call for high heels.

4. Chained High Heels


We don't even know how you're meant to stand up in these.

5. They Missed a Bit of These Shoes…

We think you need to have the full sole of the shoe before it actually counts as a shoe...

6. The Curved Ankle Breakers

These sparkly shoes are too high to consider moving in. If you get your feet in them, then just stand still - there will be no walking for you!

7. Ballet Back Breakers

We'll be super impressed if anyone can even get their feet into these ones.

8. Giraffe Shoes 

The giraffes at the front of these shoes are just going to make it horribly difficult to not fall forwards - avoid these ones, no matter how adorable the giraffes are!

9. Historic Japanese Orion Shoes

While we're impressed that women once did walk in these shoes (even though we have no idea how they managed it), we firmly recommend that you don't attempt this in 2013.

10. “Cow Girl” Shoes

No one should be making their feet look like they belong on a horse. No one.

11. Shoes That Make You Hungry

If you didn't slip on that meatball then we think you would trip on the spaghetti. This dish is best left on your plate and not on your shoes. 

12. Shoes That Look Like Home Decor

Again, if you can get your feet into these crazy shoes, then you're doing extremely well! Home decorations should be for tables - not feet. 

13. Shoes to Save You From Floods

While rain and dirt are major issues in big cities, this isn't the answer to staying dry.

14. Leather Disaster Shoes

The fact that you have to be strapped into these shoes says it all - you shouldn't be putting them anywhere near your feet.

15. Banana Themed Heels

Another instance of food being better left in the fridge than on your feet!

16. Shoes That Don't Cover Your Heels

Again, shoes have to cover all of your feet and not just the bits that the designer wants to cover. Far too impractical!