15 Ways Grey's Anatomy is Different Now Than When It First Began

Shonda Rhimes has put us through a lot of emotional trauma since 2005. We've seen some of our favorite characters on Grey's Anatomy come and go, while other characters have stayed and evolved into people we never would've guessed they'd be. In case you haven't been watching, take a look at some the biggest ways Grey's Anatomy has changed since its original air date.

1. Meredith went from being a young intern having a secret relationship with an attending to being a widowed mother of three.

2. Alex Karev became her person when Cristina left.

3. Speaking of Cristina, she's now on the other side of the world running her own hospital. 

4. Dr. Webber stepped down as chief of surgery.

5. And eventually handed Dr. Bailey the keys to the kingdom.

6. And she's now married to Dr. Warren, the handsome anesthesiologist turned surgical resident.

7. And did we mention that Meredith has another half-sister?

8. Who's also Richard's daughter and the chief of cardio?

9. Alex is an attending pediatric surgeon.

10. And he's in a pretty serious relationship with Jo.

11. Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy, died in season 11.

12. So Amelia, Derek's sister, is now head of neuro.

13. She's also dating Owen.

14. And lives with Meredith, Alex, and Maggie.

15. And we can't forget that Seattle Grace is now Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital