15 Times Rihanna Slayed in Her 'Work' Video

This week, Rihanna dropped not only one, but two highly anticipated videos for her popular single “Work” off of her new album, ANTI. The Barbadian beauty released a sneak peak of the video last week on her social media, leaving fans with high expectations. Needless to say, Queen Riri did not disappoint, and gave us a whole new definition to the word "work."

1.When she pulled up to “The Real Jerk” in a pink fur coat

In classic Rihanna fashion, the video starts by showing Rihanna pulling up to the club in a gorgeous pink fur coat, a style common for the singer, who has been photographed on many red carpet events in designer fur.

2.When she was unapologetically Caribbean

“Work” contained many West Indian influences, from the setting of a Jamaican restaurant “The Real Jerk” to the dancing, to the slang -- the video paid tribute to Rihanna’s Barbadian roots. While critics slammed Rihanna for speaking “gibberish” in her song and video, her misinterpreted words like "haffi" and "ah guh" are actually Jamaican Patois, or Jamaican slang, popular throughout the West Indies.

3.When she wore fishnets to a club and killed it

Her Rastafarian inspired outfit is from Tommy Hilfiger, and if you have the cash to spend on it, it’s perfect for spring break.

4. When she wore green lipstick and killed it

Riri’s makeup really compliments her outfit.


5.When she dances in the mirror and proves she’s a Queen

She looks how we *wish* we did when we danced in the mirror.

6.When she mastered the floor twerk

Rihanna confidently proceeds to plant herself on the floor and show us what "work" she's really talking about. 

7.When she took a seat and prepared to bless Drake

He was unprepared for Her Majesty.

8.When she reminds us that she and Drake are actually BFFs

They’re actually adorable together.

9.When she blessed Drake by dancing on him

He’s blessed, and he knows it.

10.When she had the entire club dancing

The whole club is ready to work,work, work, work, work, work.

11.When we thought the video was over, but she dropped a part 2

There’s more? Best. video. ever.

12.When Rihanna proved she could rock both short and long hair

This look completely juxtaposes the look in the first video. A long-haired, soft and feminine Rihanna emerges ready to show her viewers how to ‘work.’

13.When she clearly didn’t care about Drake in the background

This is the Rihanna show, and everyone knows it.


14. When she left Drake speechless

No worries, Drake. If I were in the presence of a Goddess, I would probably be speechless too.

15.When she made us realize her and Drake need to be a couple already

Seriously, could they get any cuter?