14 Times Blair Waldorf Empowered You To Be Your Best Self

She may be the resident mean girl on Gossip Girl, but Blair always knows best—especially when it comes to being self-assured and strong.

1. She knows how to stay positive

Everything is going to be okay.

2. She is willing to work for what she wants 

Hard work pays off.

3. She encourages going after goals

And don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

4. She keeps a smile 

Even if you're terrified.

5. She embraces her true self

No matter if people will like you or not. 

6. She knows when to ask for help

No one's perfect.

7. She knows how to treat herself

So necessary. 

8. She knows the importance of dressing well

Look your best, be your best.

9. She is the epitome of girl power. 

And is determined to get what she wants.

10. She's independent 

Sometimes you have to get by on your own.

11. She's not afraid to fall in love

Even when she knows she might get hurt.

12. She won't let anyone dull her sparkle

Because she knows how important it is.

13. She's the life of the party

Turn some heads.

14. She knows when to not take life seriously

Because laughter is the best ab workout.