14 Chrissy Teigen Quotes That Will Inspire TF Out of You

Chrissy Teigen is basically our queen. When she's not slaying Twitter trolls or hosting Lip Sync Battle, she's chilling with the cutest baby (Luna, we love you) or cooking up fabulously delicious meals. When Chrissy wrote about her experiences with postpartum depression, our like for her as a jokester turned into love for her as a role model who inspires us every day. Check out these Chrissy Teigen quotes if you want to get inspired AF. 

1. On supporting her fellow women

2Remembering that even your critics have flaws

3. On embracing your uniqueness

4. When people are inspired by her

5. Knowing what you deserve

6. On accepting compliments

7. Talking to the haters

8. Loving the little things

9. On fashion

10. On keeping secrets

11. Knowing how to keep tabs on your SO

12. Her pregnancy announcement

13. Stressing about the right things

14. When you blame your attitude on your period