13 Times Beyoncé Proved She Was Queen Bey

Perhaps the most irreplaceable artist in the industry, Her Majesty Beyoncé deserves a little extra love for the surprise release of her self-titled fifth album. We can't help but fall crazy in love with her, so here are the 13 times she proved that as Queen Bey, she really does run the world.

1. When she literally made "bootylicious" a word. 

2. When she married Jay-Z and started the United States's first royal family.

3. When she made Grammy history in 2010, winning six awards in one night.

4. When Sasha Fierce was born because Beyoncé had too much talent for one person to handle.

5. When she announced her pregnancy at the 2011 VMAs.

6. And brought us Princess Blue Ivy Carter.

7. When she sang at President Obama's second inauguration.

And when she was caught lip-synching, she proved at the Super Bowl press conference just how talented she really is. She closed her awesome live rendition of the national anthem with, "Any questions?"

8. When she got the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers to open for her.

9. When she danced like this:

10. When she became her own backup dancers.

11. When her voice caused a blackout.

And Jay-Z confirmed it. 

12. When she chopped her hair off and, if possible, looked even more fierce.

13. When she released a full-length secret album.

With 13 music videos.

So who runs the world? QUEEN BEY.