13 Thoughts We Have During the First Week of Summer

School is out which only means one thing:

Goodbye winter, helllooo summer! Time for beautiful weather, sleeping in (on weekends at least!), beach days and tan lines. We can’t help but rejoice once summer rolls around, especially for that first glorious week.

1. “Yes, I can FINALLY sleep in for DAYS.”*

*Until our internships/part time jobs/parents make us get up.

2. “Or just watch Netflix all day, every day.”


3. “And if I get bored, I can always hit the beach.”

Sand and surf, how we’ve missed you.

4. “Oh shoot, it’s bikini season, like now.”

**Furiously Googles Victoria's Secret bathing suit sales and ab workouts**

5. “Whatever, as long as I can work on my tan, I’m good.”

Hopefully ending up like a bronzed goddess and not a scorched lobster.

6. “Is it too early to think about my July 4 outfit?”

It’s never too early to rep #MERICA.

7. “I really want to go to the community pool… but not run into everyone from high school.”

The struggle is real.

8. “Third night hang out around a campfire? Count me in.”

If liking s’mores is wrong, then we don’t want to be right.

9. “And I have an excuse to eat ice cream every day.”

We have to cool down somehow!

10. “There’s nothing better than driving with the windows down.”

Now we can finally blast our music without our RA telling us to turn it down.

11. “Do I reaaaallyyyy need to start my internship next week?”

Experience is great; working 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. is not.

12. “All I want to do is hang with my friends and do nothing forever.”

Until we get bored three days later.

13. “Whatever, this summer is going to be amaaaazing.”