13 Netflix Shows You Have to Binge-Watch This Summer

Now that we’ve reached this point of summer, the boredom becomes insanely real. Every activity you could possibly think of doing in your hometown has been done…multiple times. Every day you become more and more restless. To get you through this summer, we’ve put together a list of Netflix TV shows that are so addicting, they’ll make your remaining time at home speed by at the blink of an eye. Trust us, once you start these shows, binge-watching will become your favorite activity to kill the summer boredom.

1. Grey's Anatomy

This is a staple show among television watchers, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you NEED to start right away. The drama, friendship and suspense in this show makes it super easy to become hooked. After just one season, you could practically be considered a resident surgeon.

2. How I Met Your Mother

Ted, Robin, Barney, Lily and Marshall represent serious #friendshipgoals, and following their journey through life in this hilarious sitcom is the best way to pass time. By the end of the show, you honestly feel like all five characters are your closest friends, and there’s no better way to spend your summer than with this dream team.

3. Friends

The original HIMYM, Friends is another must-see show that will draw you in after just one episode. The hilarity and companionship in the show is unforgettable; Friends will always be remembered as a classic, so it’s a no-brainer that you have to binge-watch it.

4. Gossip Girl

Life on the Upper East Side is exposed in this guilty pleasure television show, and who doesn’t want to spend their dull summer caught up in the hoity-toity drama of these Manhattanites? Forget summer love, Chuck and Blair are all you need to fulfill your longing for true romance.

5. Gilmore Girls

Ah, the age-old classic that chronicles the lives of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Seriously, we dare you to take longer than a week to finish this whole series, because it is way too amazing and addicting to ever stop watching.

6. Orange is the New Black

We’re sure you’ve heard tons about this Netflix original, and we can guarantee that it’s well worth the chatter. If you haven’t already jumped on the OITNB bandwagon then you need to, because this show is taking the world by storm. Get ready to spend your days engrossed in the drama and shenanigans that goes on between the walls of Litchfield Penitentiary.

7. The Walking Dead

Not into petty drama or sitcoms? Then this show is definitely the one for you. AMC’s take on the zombie apocalypse is riveting, suspenseful and even scary. You won’t be able to stop watching as you follow the few remaining survivors on their quest for safety in this post-apocalyptic world.

8. Lost

With a similar vibe to The Walking Dead, Lost is another classic show that focuses more on serious drama and suspense than anything else. Plus, the bonds between the characters make this incredibly intriguing show even more addicting. Every episode brings both new questions and answers to old ones, creating an everlasting loop of suspense.

9. Chuck

This comedy deserves so much credit for its genius storyline. A normal computer geek shoved unwillingly into the spy world, Chuck makes us laugh until we cry with his dorky mannerisms. Paired up with all-star CIA agent Sarah Walker and ever-so-serious NSA agent John Casey, the trio create a special bond that will make you root for them as they fight the various dangers threatening their country.

10. Revenge

Yet another under-the-radar show, Revenge is one that has one of the most intricate and intense storylines ever seen on television. Every episode ends in a cliffhanger, and the story develops more and more with each episode, making you wonder how Emily Thorne is going undermine all the upper-class socialites that previously framed her father for terrorism, thus ruining her life. Prepare yourself: once you start, you won’t be able to stop until the very end.

11. Breaking Bad

By now, Walter White is a well-known name among television watchers due to his part in this hit show. A science teacher turned king meth creator? Clearly, the intriguing plot alone is enough to convince viewers to start the series, and eventually become so addicted that they blow through it in record timing. Seriously, finding out whether Walt will get away with his illegal work is the most suspenseful thing, and rooting for a bad guy? Well, that’s unique in itself, and probably what makes the show so easy to become attached to.

12. Criminal Minds

Perhaps the easiest show to binge-watch, Criminal Minds is the best whodunit show around. Every episode is completely different, and the forty or so minutes go by at the blink of an eye as you work with the lovable group of detectives to discover who did the crime and why. Just like Grey’s Anatomy, just a few episodes will make you a pro at profiling criminals.

13. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Topping off our list is one of Netflix’s newest originals, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This feel-good comedy is comedic gold, as we watch Kimmy finally encounter the world after being held in a cult for years. This show teaches us about innocence, family and what it means to truly embrace the world with positivity. After watching it, you instantly feel amazing and like you can conquer any obstacle in your way.

You now have a whole stack of amazing shows that will provide you with endless hours of entertainment to get you through the summer lull. But beware: Once you start any one of these shows, you won’t see sunlight until you’ve finished binge-watching the entire season. And even then, we can’t guarantee you’ll step outside if you start up yet another of these amazing shows.