The 13 Most Important Memes of 2017, Because Sometimes the Internet Is a Good Place

As 2017 year comes to a close, we can all agree that this year was low-key a dumpster fire. Luckily, we had memes to relieve some stress and get us through those tough times, and honestly, this year memes have become more than graphics––they’re a lifestyle from online. To commemorate, here’s a flashback to the most noteworthy memes that impacted all of us this year.

1. Salt Bae

What makes salt bae a “bae?” Is it the mysterious shades that hide his identity or the romantically seductive way he sprinkles salt? Whatever it is, he certainly helped us when we were throwing down shade.

2. Meryl Streep Singing

If you ever need a hype woman, Meryl Streep is your gal. Works with any song and all moods.

3. mOcKiNg SpOnGeBoB

When your mom thinks she knows more about technology than you.

4. Distracted Boyfriend

Look back at it.

5. Blinking Guy

The floor is lava. The floor is bad grades. The floor is no good.

7. "Can't Come to the Phone Right Now"

Look what you did, Taylor Swift! You made a meme for the world to enjoy.

8. Pennywise from "IT"

Sign a girl up! We all want somebody to love.

9. What In Tarnation

Perfect for how shook and surprised we were all year.

10. SunnyCoClothing Red Swimsuit

Zoo wee mama, get your summer bod ready for the strappy yet revealing red SunnyCoClothing swimsuit that went viral on everyone’s Instagram feeds. If we’re talking free swimsuits for a simple screenshot and repost, count us in! Free is free.

11. Covfefe

Wait, how do you pronounce that? Trump’s iconic typo on Twitter made us basic by creating our own definitions for the unknown word. We get it, auto correct sucks.

12. Cash Me Ousside How Bow Dah

If you ain’t got street cred, you ain’t got nothin’.

13. Expectations for 2018

May the odds ever be in your favor, 2018.

Let’s throw some shade because 2017 has done us dirty and we’re ready for you, 2018. A plethora of new content, drama and politics will only lead to more memes in the upcoming year.