13 Love Lessons 'Friends' Taught Us

Friends is a TV show that will never get old. Generations have watched Ross get a fake tan, Rachel cry over turning thirty, Joey become a soap opera star, Chandler have a weird roommate, Monica date an older man, and Pheobe sing forever. But a reoccurring story line in the iconic show was the search for love. What are some valuable love lessons learned from these six friends? Too many to count -- but here are some of our favorites.

1. Get a lot of experience dating

You're only young once, and if there's one thing all six of them did, it was dating (a lot). Ross really took dating to the next level, so maybe don't follow in his footsteps; however, every episode, one of them had a new man or woman to try out. So get out there!

2. Timing is key

Fans had to wait a long time for Ross and Rachel to really be together again after their initial break up. The entire rest of the series, actually. And that just proves that sometimes you can be meant to be with someone, but it isn't the right time. Don't worry, when it's meant to work out, you'll find each other again!

3. Long distance can work

If a total dating and marriage rookie like Chandler, who uses sarcasm as comfort, can make a long distance relationship with Monica work while he was in Tulsa, anyone can give it a go!

4. Age (sometimes) matters

And sometimes, it doesn't. Monica and Richard didn't let age get in the way. Other times that number can impact a relationship -- like when Ross dated his student... and it didn't exactly go over well with her father, who just happened to be Bruce Willis. 

5. Sometimes it's right in front of you

Chandler and Monica lived across the hall from each other longer than any of the others, without realizing their attraction. Monica even went in to search for Joey that fateful night in London! Sometimes it's the people we least expect that can change our lives.

6. Choose your friends

Who remembers Kathy? The woman Joey dated but Chandler (kind of) loved? She really almost caused the pair to end their bromance when Chandler finally admitted his feelings. Sometimes it's just better to keep your friend's love interests in the friend zone. 

7. There's someone for everyone

If Phoebe, who sings about smelly cats and can hot wire a car, can find her soul mate, you can too!

8. Say the right name at your wedding

For any successful marriage, say the right name at the altar. (Ahem, Ross!)

9. Communication means success

Make sure you're both on the same page about everything... like what a "break" means. 

10. Talk about long term goals

It's important in a serious relationship that you both have an understanding of where the relationship is going. Phoebe loved Mike, but they both weren't on the same page when it came to marriage... until she broke up with him and he realized he wanted to spend his life with her anyway. 

11. Guys and girls CAN just be friends!

Rachel and Chandler... never any attraction there. It's possible!

12. Sometimes, love isn't enough

We were all upset when Monica and Richard called it quits. The love was there, but nothing else was really working out. 

13. You will find your lobster

We all have one!

Whether you were team Mike or team David, agreed with Ross or Rachel or hoped Joey would find love, Friends taught everyone how to get through the dating game!