The 13 Best Halloween Pick-Up Lines

Between all the costumes and the crazy parties, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to trick-or-treat for a new guy – and what better way to do so than with some Halloween-themed pick-up lines? Be sure to pull out a few of these pick-up lines at your next Halloween bash (and if you get turned down, you can always hope he won’t recognize you later without your costume!).

1. “Want to find out what I turn into at midnight?”

2. “You’re giving me shivers… and not because of that costume.”

3. “If you were a jack-o'-lantern, I'd totally light your candle.”

4. “Are you a ghost? Because you’ve been haunting my dreams.”

5. “I wish you were a vampire so we could do some necking.”

6. “You look dead sexy. Literally.”

7. “I should have dressed up as a ghost tonight so I could let you under my sheets.”

8. “I don’t know what the trick is, but you certainly are a treat.”

9. “I hear this house is haunted… we better stick together.”

10. “Hey pumpkin – I bet I can put a smile on your face.”

11. “You should dress up as a baker for Halloween with that set of buns.”

12. “That pirate outfit looks really hot on you. Wanna search me for buried treasure?”

13. “Your costume looks complicated. Need help taking it off?”