11 Struggles of Living in a Small Town

No matter where you’re from, everyone has a special place in their heart for where they grew up. But if you grew up in small town, you know that part of loving it is facing all of the struggles that come with it. If you can’t go to Starbucks without seeing someone from high school or hate how gossip travels quicker than lightning, this one’s for you. Here are the 13 struggles of living in a small town. 

1. No one’s heard of your town

Why even bother explaining where it is?

2. You can’t avoid running into your parents’ friends at the grocery store

And they inevitably ask if you’re seeing anyone.

3. Plus, you gave up Starbucks because EVERYONE from high school is there

Yay awkward small talk!

4. And it seems like the same cute guy rings you up for tampons every time you go to the pharmacy

Every. Single. Time.

5. Going to the bar on the weekend is strictly a college thing

Friday nights are spent with Netflix, not by choice.

6. The closest thing to a party is drinking in your friend’s basement…which gets busted by the cops

They don’t have anything more exciting to do.

7. Eventually you realize drinking is pointless because no one delivers late night food  

Is cheese fries at 3 a.m. really too much to ask?

8. You can’t rely on your cell service anywhere

“Can you hear me now? What about…now?”

9. News travels faster than basically anything in your town

“Xoxo, Gossip Girl” –everyone

10. You can’t even drown your sorrows in shopping because the closest mall is 30-45 minutes away

It’s a rough life.

11. Not like you have any money to spend considering you waste it all on gas to get out of your town.

You do love your town. You just love it more when it’s in your rearview mirror.