11 Reasons Why We Still Love Disney Princesses

As little girls, we all loved watching Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast whenever our moms allowed us to. And we can’t deny that dressing up as a princess was the best fun ever, but who says that our love of Disney has to stop because we’re in college? Apart from the fact that Disney films are generally amazing, here are the reasons that it’s still okay to love all the princesses, from Belle to Pocahontas.


1. They found their true loves.

2. They look great all the time.

3. They’re still great movies to watch – even if you’re older than 6 years old!

4. They teach us to be strong in relationships.

5. They show us that we don’t need to find a man to be happy.

6. They teach that dreams do come true.

7. They show us how important family is.

8. They let us feel like children again.

9. They stop at nothing to achieve their dreams – even when it’s really tough.

10. They show us it’s cool to be smart.

11. They let us believe in happily ever after.