11 Reactions All 'Pretty Little Liars' Fans Had During Last Night's Finale

The Pretty Little Liars season finale aired last night, and every question fans have had since day one was answered—well, kind of. As a fandom we've been lied to, betrayed, and strung along for 5 years. This season's tagline, "The Summer of Answers," seemed promising, but in the end many fans feel it was a huge let down. Sure, we know who A is, but it wasn't as big of a shock as viewers expected. After all the clues, the holes in the plot, and hints from the cast, it seemed something didn't add up. A lot happened last night in just a short amount of time, so we don't blame you if you're still emotionally processing it all. Here are the biggest reactions we all had during last night's reveAl. 

1. When Cece turned around to reveal herself as "A"

Really? Not even a major character whom we have an emotional attachement to? 

2. When Cece explained that she was actually Charlotte, who was actually Charles

We're all for transgender representation on the show, but in this case it didn't even make sense with the plot. How did Charles transition so quickly in Radley?

3. When we found out Sara Harvey was Red Coat AND Black Widow

Talk about random—we just met Sara! How has she been helping Cece all along? Who the heck is Sara Harvey?

4. When Cece admitted she had dated her brother Jason

This seems like yet another plot hole that was answered in a sloppy fashion. Are we really supposed to go along with this incest story?

5. When Mona realized she was the one who killed Bethany

Mona didn't think it was strange when she picked Ali up later that night and helped her skip town? 

6. When we found out Bethany pushed Toby's mom off a building

In season 4, there is a scene showing Toby as a teenager with his mom in Radley... which couldn't have happened if a 12-year old Bethany had killed her.

7. When the girls forgave A in a matter of minutes for basically no reason at all, despite the fact that she tortured them for years

But in the words of Cece/Charlotte/Charles, "No one died, did they?!"

8. When the Liars FINALLY look happy after the five year time jump... but then we find out they're still running from someone 

Let's face it, they'll never have normal lives. But at least Spencer got bangs and they look GOOD. 

9. When we found out Ali became a teacher at Rosewood High

So the character who missed two years of high school now works at that same high school...? Makes sense.

10. When we think about how Marlene King and the writers came up with this storyline

Maybe they submitted the wrong script?!

11. When we realized that we are going to be waiting the rest of our lives to get all the answers we want

Two can't keep a secret if Marlene King keeps them all to herself.