10 Things We Hope to See in the Third Season of 'OITNB'

There are less than two weeks left until Orange is the New Black returns to Netflix, and we could not be more excited. While binge-watching seasons one and two in preparation for June 12, we compiled a list of the 10 things we’d most like to see in the third season of OITNB.

1. New Characters

The women of Litchfield Penitentiary are the heart and soul of the show. Season two brought with it fresh faces, and we know that season three won’t disappoint. Already confirmed is Australian actress/model/DJ Ruby Rose, who will be playing new inmate Stella Carlin. We. Can’t. Wait.

2. Pop Culture References

Whether it’s a nod to The Fault in Our Stars, Taylor Swift, or Twilight, the show’s clever references always make us smile. There’s just something about these women discussing Beyoncé and Jay-Z that makes us connect with them that much more. What will they bring up in season three?

3. Quotable Phrases

Part of the reason we love OITNB so much is because the show is so well-written. The witty back-and-forth is perfectly suited to each character, and many of the memorable quotes make for great tweets. We’re pumped for even more quotable material from the new season.

4. Words of Wisdom

These ladies can speak the truth. Almost every episode has at least one deeper message, but the meaning doesn’t ever hit you over the head. Once in a while, an unexpected character will say something that really resonates. What will we learn from the third season?

5. More Dancing

Our favorite moments happen when the women are all together, dancing, singing and having a great time. As much as we love the drama, seeing the ladies of Litchfield acting like one big family truly warms our hearts. Hopefully season three has its fair share of moves!

6. Girl Power

Season one was heavy on the romance, but in season two we saw a lot more friendship. The characters form bonds during their stay, and we love the close relationships in the show. Who doesn’t want a supportive friendship like Taystee and Poussey’s?

7. Character Backstories

The highlight of the show is learning about the characters’ pasts, and what got them to where they are now. We love learning why these women are the way they are, and what made them commit the crimes they committed. 

8. Lots of Drama

OITNB is a guilty pleasure show for a reason! We LOVE the drama. It’s pretty much a given, but we hope season three provides (at least!) three times the excitement.

9. …And a Few Tears

Only the best shows make us cry. We hope that this season will have a few tear-jerking episodes. We need something to break up all the laughs!

10. Seriously, More Dancing

Need we say more?