10 Reasons You NEED To Watch ‘Cloak & Dagger'

We get it: you’re still trying to catch up on all those backlogged TV series you didn’t have time to procrasta-watch during your spring semester. Adding another series to your already stacked binge-watch to-do list might seem impossible, especially since you’re already busy hosting weekly Bachelorette review sessions with your besties, but Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger premieres on Freeform tonight, and there are more than just a few reasons why you should take a break from your mid-week Bachelorette recaps and theories to watch.

1. It features a BA super-powered duo

While there are a ton of superhero movies and tv shows, Cloak & Dagger follows two teens that team up after they single-handedly fight adversity in their own lives.

2. Even before becoming superheroes, Cloak and Dagger deal with pretty relevant issues

Variety notes that Tandy Bowen (Dagger, who’s played by Olivia Holt) and Tyrone Johnson (Cloak, who’s portrayed by Aubrey Joseph), both lament over traumatic events, which can be vaguely relatable (because we’re not giving away any spoilers before it even airs) for those of us in non-scifi realms.

3. Did we mention that Aubrey Joseph co-stars in the series?

Seriously, Aubrey Joseph is a skilled actor who’s played roles in a variety of thrillers like The Night Of and Run All Night.

4. Oh, and then there's Olivia Holt

You probably remember Olivia Holt from her role in Kickin' It, but she’s also a singer with a resume of bops that are fit for anyone’s shower playlist.

5. Plus, Cloak’s powers are awesome


If Freeform’s Cloak is anything like the comic book rendition of the character, then Cloak can use literal darkness and shadows to his advantage, which lends itself to his pseudo-teleportation abilities (to name a couple of his superpowers).

6. And Dagger’s abilities are basically the opposite of Cloak’s


Dagger can manipulate and generate light to create super-packed weapons out of light. And yes, her light-powered weapon of choice is a dagger. TBH, Sam and Dean could probably use her powers when they're off fighting vampires on Supernatural.

7. Aside from their awesome abilities, the duo’s story arc parallels teen identity formation


Every young person has a self-discovery phase, and their identities and self-development are in constant transition during their younger years. So, Cloak and Dagger's respective powers add another component to their self-discovery journey, which ultimately could help them navigate their identities and become more confident individuals. (Because who wouldn’t want to be more confident?)

8. The theme of outsider-ness could lead to some Cloak & Dagger and Runaways crossovers


After all, Cloak and Dagger ultimately meet because they’re outsiders in their community, so they could meet some other fellow outsiders in their television story arc.

9. Conversely, Cloak and Dagger could team up with the X-Men, too


Granted, the X-Men and Cloak & Dagger comic crossover was a darker time in Marvel Comics—but who’s to say that the characters Cloak and Dagger won’t meet up with the cast of the Runaways and the X-Men (at least some of the X-Men that haven't made it to the cinema just yet)? After all, Marvel Television’s multi-verse needs to find a way to outdo the Russo brothers’ monumentally super-powered crossover in Avengers: Infinity War.  

10. Cloak & Dagger also delves deep into the ever-present issue of racism


Without revealing any contextual spoilers, Cloak deals with issues of racial profiling and racist police violence, which shows that even in the Cloak & Dagger universe, racism is still a prevalent issue that needs to be continually discussed.

Honestly, this is an extremely abridged list of all the reasons you should watch Cloak & Dagger. Still, you could just tune into Freeform tonight at 8/7c for the 2-hour-long premiere to find out why this will be your latest tv obsession.