10 Reasons Why JoJo Should Have Picked Robby

In no way are we trying to claim that Robby is perfect because there's too much drama surrounding him and his ex for us to say he's totally trustworthy. However, literally any other man would have been a better choice than Jordan Rodgers, whose "love" for JoJo seems to be absent from his words and actions. Robby is attractive, vaguely earnest and his dreams of smelling like burnt food are actually pretty cute. Here are 10 reasons why Robby would have been a better choice:

1. His countless confessions of love for JoJo seemed legitimate

Whenever Jordan was boxed into telling JoJo how he felt about her, it sounded forced, like he made up his feelings on the spot.

2. His family is the cutest, and he has a great relationship with his mom

There's no Aaron Rodgers drama here! 

3. The allegations surrounding Robby's lies aren't as bad as Jordan's

Robby has been accused of breaking up with his girlfriend to come on the show, but Jordan seems to be a lifelong, notorious womanizer. 

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4. His sense of fashion contains the mandatory 37 pieces of flair

Pink tie, leather shoes, blue pants, snappy blazer, white linen shirt and side part that's dramatic AF. 

5. He has an actual job as a sales rep and professional model

He's not mysteriously "in between" careers like ~some~ people.  

6. That one time he made out with JoJo on a pool table


7. Robby is a real-life Ken doll

Maybe this is aggressively vapid, but Robby is hot. 

8. He gave a really sweet speech to JoJo's parents when he asked for their blessing

Sending Mr. Fletcher into a fit of tears over how much Robby loved his daughter.  

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9. Literally every single person in JoJo's family told her that Robby was a better choice

Umm, was this not enough of a hint that Jordan is actually shady?

10. He's not Jordan