The 10 Hottest Guys in The Super Bowl

News flash: Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner—literally though, you can count the days on a single hand.  So with game day quickly approaching, it’s time for a football 101 lesson given to you by yours truly, Her Campus.  But let’s be honest, is there really a better way to truly understand the game than by getting to know the men who will be running around our big screens, tackling each other while sporting tight pants? Yeah, we didn’t think so either…

So, to get you fully invested in Super Bowl XLVII (that’s a 47, fyi), here are the 10 hottest players starring in Sunday’s game.  From living legends with rock hard abs, to bulging muscles and winning smiles, the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers (those are the two teams competing, btw) have a whole lot to offer fans in the looks department—as for skills, well, that assessment will have to wait until kick off. So go ahead and scroll through, just be careful not to drool.    

The 49ers

Patrick Willis #52: Inside Linebacker

Alex Smith #11: Quarterback

Colin Kaepernick #7: Quarterback

Vernon Davis #85: Tight End

Chris Culliver #29: Cornerback


The Ravens

Joe Flacco #5: Quarterback

Brendon Ayanbadejo #51: Linebacker/Special Teamer

Ray Lewis #52: Linebacker

Ray Rice #27: Running Back

Dennis Pitta #88: Tight End

So collegiettes, which Super Bowl superstar do you think is the sexiest? Sound off in the comments below!