The 10 Biggest Lies Disney Movies Told Us About Life

Disney movies are meant to teach children lessons, but those lessons aren’t always applicable to real life. While we love re-watching these classic films, now that we’re older we recognize that a lot of the logic is flawed. Can you say unrealistic expectations?

We’ve listed 10 of the biggest lies Disney has told, along with the more accurate truths behind them.

Lie #1: Any problem can be solved in the span of a 3-minute song.

Reality: It usually takes a bit more time—and work—than that.

Lie #2: Bad people always look like villains.

Reality: You should never judge a book by its cover.

Lie #3: Women need a man to save them.

Reality: Women are their own heroes.

Lie #4: It’s easy to find a pair of shoes that fit.

Reality: You’ll try on 5 pairs of heels and still won’t be able to walk in them.

Lie #5: Putting on makeup is a breeze.

Reality: Not so much.

Lie #6: There will always be a few animal friends around to help you.

Reality: Sadly, animals can’t talk. They can cuddle, though!

Lie #7: Women should have tiny waists and small appetites.

Reality: Girls love food, and that’s ok.

Lie #8: Your first kiss is guaranteed to be magical.

Reality: First kisses are usually really awkward.

Lie #9: Unconventional families consist of evil stepmothers and/or stepsisters.

Reality: Family is family, no matter who it’s made up of.

Lie #10: Growing up is always a bad thing.

Reality: You can still be a kid at heart.