Ashley Graham Wants You to Use Your Superpowers (Yes, You Have Superpowers)

Ashley Graham boasts an impressive resume — model, podcaster, body positive advocate, and your biggest cheerleader. Graham caught up with Her Campus at the latest Get With the Times event hosted by The New York Times on March 31, where she talked defining beauty, white privelage, body positivity, and dished out some of her best advice for college women. Here, Graham — who believes in positive affirmations and doing her part to live in a world with more inclusivity — shares five pieces of advice you'll carry with you. 



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  1. 1. Your inner voice is louder than what others are saying.

    “Unfortunately society likes to tell us so many things about ourselves — you’re too loud, too quiet, too small, too big. My entire career I’ve heard people say I was too much, but not enough. It’s important to listen to that voice inside of you, not what other people are saying. Define your values and find your own personal balance.”

  2. 2. Don’t break the rules. Write your own. 

    “I say we write our own rules — or better yet, let’s just get rid of them. You might want to wear bright red lipstick to 8 a.m. class because it makes you feel bold and strong, but your roommate might only want to wear it after dark. And that is the beauty of living unapologetically.”

  3. 3. Use your superpowers. Yes, you have them. 

    “As a determined woman with a vision who is working towards your goals and achieving big things, you’re displaying your superhuman strength. And it’s most important that you are doing everything in your power to be the best version of yourself while uplifting the women around you.”

  4. 4. Your life won't look like anyone else's and that's okay. 

    “Stop comparing yourself to other people because their journey is different than yours. Invest in yourself and your future now.”

  5. 5. You don't need social media to validate you. 

    "Social media has positive and negative aspects. I can tell you if you’re using social media for attention or validation, you are using it all wrong. My advice is twofold: find your community and only follow people who make you feel good about yourself."