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April Showers Bring Hunks!!

Good Morning Ladies!!

After a month’s worth of technical difficulties, I am now BACK in action!! (I know, you missed me… hahaha!)

ANYWAYS… It’s FINALLY warming up here in New York City and the transition that occurs is truly unbelievable… you see, back home in Texas, it’s “outside weather” 3/4’s of the year round, so we are always out and about! But here, Spring is when all the beautiful people (especially men) come out of hibernation and dawn the streets of the Big Apple!!

And let me tell you… it’s NICE. Everywhere I look, I see love. Blossoming love… new couples, deep-relationship couples, young couples and old couples… Yep, it’s definitely spring…


And you know what that means? LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!! Good news for all those single ladies!! So, in honor of those first-dates-to-be, I figured I’d give out some of my own first date advice…


1.) Look HOT.

First impressions are EVERYTHING. Make sure you take the time to do your makeup right, poof and spray that hair and wear an outfit that 1.Expresses your unique and FABULOUS personality and 2. Is IN STYLE. Pick it out early and try it on for a friend before wearing it out… Looking good ALWAYS make you feel more confident, which is super sexy to Sr. Hunksalot.

Here are some inspirations…

date outfit1date outfit1

date outfit1date outfit1

2.) Two Drinks TOPS. date outfit1

And I mean TIP TOPS. I would even say just one drink. Yep, I change the rule to one drink (for those girls who take to the feel of it quickly.) He’ll love it that you’re fully aware of his hunkiness.

**This rule applies only to the 21+ girls out there. If you’re underage, don’t try to impress him with a fake ID… it’s not as cool as you might think. Just order a soda and TRUST ME… you’ll be WAY cuter being an honest, law-abiding citizen.**


3.) Order Foods that are EASY to eat…

date outfit1No salad. No spaghetti. Why? They are hard to eat. What I mean is, some foods are just impossible to eat and look pretty while doing it. Good table manners and clean eating is SO important on a first date, so slurping up the spaghetti that date outfit1you thought was already cut is WAY embarrassing. OR taking a bite of salad and getting dressing all over your face… it’s just not attractive. Now, I’m not saying to follow perfectly Emily Post’s book on Proper Etiquette, but consider getting fish, steak or a sandwhich instead… they’re just not as messy.


4.) Talk.

Guys are all suckers for confidence. He’s on a date with you for a reason, to get to know you better. So TALK. Tell him your interests, your passions, your goals. Talk about WHY you’re studying Italian, or why you want to change your major to Biomedical Engineering. You might actually find a common interest between the two of you. No matter who you are or what you do, there’s something to be proud of in yourself, and if you’re not excited about who you are, why should Hunky Hunkerman be?


5.) Don’t Talk Too Much.

Yes, right after I urge you to talk, I tell you to slow it down. Give him something to work with, but don’t tell him EVERYTHING. There are some things that should be saved for later dates… so, dont tell Mr. Hunnkaliscious that you enjoy dressing your puppy up in outfits and making music videos with him… YET.



6.) DON’T even try to use this umbrella…

date outfit1











I know it’s raining a lot, since it’s spring, but DON’T. Even if you are in a relationship, don’t. hahaha!


I hope this advice works!! Go out there and date away ladies! I know you’ll be looking good!! Go show those hunks what they’ve been missing!!

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Chandler is a senior at Baylor University where she is a Communication Specialist major with a double major in Spanish. A Texan through and through, Chandler was born and raised in the capital of Texas, Austin. At Baylor, Chandler is a part of Baylor Ambassadors, a lobbying team for more government-sponsored, monetary grants for private universities. She is also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma where she served as the recruitment chair. Chandler has spent the past year working as an intern at KWTX Channel 10 News, where she is trying to make her start as a reporter/anchor. She will be spending the next semester in New York, where she'll be interning at CBS's The Early Show. She is so excited about this awesome opportunity through Juicy Couture and Her Campus. Chandler LOVES Juicy because it completely fits her personality, outgoing, fun and unique, but classy. On top of loving Juicy, she enjoys playing her guitar, singing, talking and reading in Spanish. She also loves chocolate, the smell of roses, little kids, politics and hanging out with her friends and family.
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