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The 5 Best Memes from Last Night’s Presidential Debate

Whether you watched the presidental debate last night or not, chances are you’ve heard about some of the key issues brought up by the candidates, as well as some of the evening’s slip-ups. Never slow on updates, the internet is now rife with debate-related memes of these moments. Take a look at some of our favorites below, and make sure to read our recap of the debate as well! 

Jim Lehrer feat. Gotye

While many news sources are saying that Romney won the debate, there’s no doubt that moderator Jim Lehrer was the loser last night. With the candidates refusing to stick to their time limits, poor Jim couldn’t seem to get a single word in.
Not Impressed

While many of us expected an all-out battle from last night’s debate, the general reaction to the face-off was…underwhelmed. It turned out to be a pretty drama-free event, which left us feeling a little disappointed. U.S. Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney probably knows how we feel: not impressed.

Hillary Weighs In

Ever the master of diplomatic relations, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took some time from her all-important schedule to send a message to the candidates, but made sure not to play favorites. We all know she’s basically in charge anyway. 

Unemployed Big Bird

As Romney outlined his plans to cut government spending last night, he mentioned he would cut funding for PBS, saying that even though he loves Big Bird, he wants to focus spending elsewhere. This launched a huge outcry throughout Twitter (including the new handle @FiredBigBird) out to save him. Wall Street is one thing, but when you start messing with Sesame Street, there’s a problem.

Romney and Obama’s Hair

Make of this one what you will: we just think it’s weird. 

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