CollegeBudget: New Site with Special Discounts for College Students

Collegiettes™ are pretty lucky when it comes to a lot of things — freedom, sleeping in, the ability to go out multiple times a week, among others. But one thing they typically aren’t so lucky with is money and budgeting.

Fortunately a few stores have discounts for students, understanding we can’t afford everything we want. And those are great — seriously we totally appreciate it. But even better than that is the site CollegeBudget which has daily student-only deals for cool businesses.

CollegeBudget is a Groupon-like site where you can get daily discounts to your email or check them out on Twitter and Facebook. All of the discounts are geared towards college students (since you access the site by signing up with your “.edu” email address) — so you won’t be getting any super random discounts!

Some of their recent deals, which are sadly no longer available, include $10 gift cards to for $5, $25 for a new iPod Shuffle, and $25 for a bartending course and certification (worth $75). And when you get your friends to purchase their first discount on the site, you can earn $5 in CollegeBudget bucks to be spent on other amazing deals. Awesome!

Just like other discount sites, they have local deals, but right now the discounts are only at UCLA. So suggest your college so you can get discounts at places that you love around campus!

Sign up for CollegeBudget and let me know what you think of it by leaving a comment below!