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Celebrate Equal Pay Day & #AskForMore With Levo League

Did you know that only 7 percent of women attempt to negotiate their salaries, and that not negotiating your salary could cost you over a million dollars in your lifetime? Levo League’s #AskForMore campaign is looking to change that.

Levo League is a community designed to help women achieve personal and professional success by providing valuable career resources. Starting April 8, on Equal Pay Day, the company is launching a four-week campaign to encourage women to close the gender pay gap by learning to ask for more. 

So how do you get involved with this amazing campaign? It’s easy! Take the pledge to #AskForMore on Twitter or Facebook, which includes asking for the skills to negotiate, honest feedback, the confidence to speak up and the knowledge to make the ask. You can also check out Levo League’s website, which includes career advice and inspirational quotes, plus insights and experience from leaders like Sheryl Sandberg, Warren Buffett and Moira Forbes on how to #AskForMore in the workplace. 

Arm yourself to #Ask4More by taking Levo League’s online quiz and getting a three-step action plan, or by attending a Levo Negotiation Workshop online or in one of 27 cities.

Stand up. Speak up. They can only hear you when you #AskForMore.

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