Campus to Contiki: Winners Announced!

If you’re a regular reader of Her Campus, you know that one of the best things about our site is our 200 My Campus branches. These branches, founded and run by college students across the country, produce new content on a weekly basis. They provide outlets for college journalists, photographers, public relations gurus and social media mavens to gain real experience. On top of that, they host amazing events and work with national clients on innovative campus programs. They’re running more than their own magazines on campus – they’re creating communities, and that is no small feat.

In the National office, we’ve been very fortunate to participate in some incredible programs, including taking Contiki tours to Europe earlier this winter. We loved every second of it, and recently decided that it’s high time we stopped keeping this experience to ourselves. That is why we are going to send two lucky Campus Correspondents on their very own Contiki trip!

To our Campus Correspondents, this is our way of saying “Thank You” for their talent, ambition, and dedication to their branch as well as Her Campus. They work tirelessly day in and day out to bring their readers fresh new content and embody Her Campus in every way possible. We couldn’t do what we do without them.

After almost two weeks of voting and a combined total of over 30,000 votes for our participating branches,  we are thrilled to announce that the two lucky Campus Correspondents from UT Austin, Bernice Chuang and Kenyatta Giddings, are the winners of a Contiki trip of a lifetime!

Bernice founded HC Texas in January 2010 and it has since grown to be a campus group of almost 30 students. Kenyatta has been an integral part of the success of the branch over the course of the past year and transitioned into the Correspondent role this past semester to prepare taking over for Bernice this coming fall. Over the course of this past year, their accomplishments include:

  • Winning a contest we held with Hoseanna, for which they won $250 to donate to their favorite charity
  • Holding their 2nd Birthday Bash, which they held at a hotspot in downtown Austin and included over 30 sponsors
  • Almost doubling their Facebook presence and in turn maximized their potential for giveaway partnerships

This summer, Bernice and Kenyatta will be headed on their very own Contiki tour--European Magic!

I want to congratulate ALL of our participating branches and their Campus Correspondents for the enormous amount of hard work they did for this contest and, most importantly, the incredible work they continue to do on their campuses!

Manager of Campus Development