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Since joining the Her Campus Team, HC staffers have been offered jobs and internships with Glamour, Vogue, Buzzfeed, Vanity Fair, Seventeen, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, People magazine, W magazine, Teen Vogue, InStyle, Lucky, Esquire, O magazine, MTV, The Washington Post, Digitas and Ogilvy, among others.

To be considered as a writer or blogger for Her Campus, please apply through our online application form.

Only current undergraduate students may apply for most national sections, but college alumni may apply to write for the After College section. To be considered as a writer for a Her Campus Chapter, please contact your chapter's Campus Correspondent directly.

Positions Available: 

Feature Writers

Feature writers will pitch and write longer (2-3 pages), more in-depth, researched pieces that have a service element.  Assignments are given weekly, and "pitch-to-live" time is approximately 2-3 weeks.  Pieces generally require talking to sources, such as experts in the field. Feature writers may select a certain section or sections (Sections include Style, Beauty, Health, Love, Life, Career, High School, and After College) to write for or may choose to write for all sections. Additionally, each week, feature writers will be required to sign up for one pop culture OR news shift, a two-hour period during which they are expected to be at their computer and ready to write 1-2 blog posts.

Examples of Feature Posts:

5 Easy Ways to Instantly Elevate Your Style (Style)
How to Nail Winged Eyeliner Once & For All (Beauty)
6 Everyday Habits That Have More Germs Than You Thought (Health)
Your Guide to Dormcest: Avoiding the Pitfalls, Scoring the Perks (Love)
How to Live With Any Roommate (Life)
8 Ways to Move Past Coffee & Copies at Your Internship (Career)
5 Common App Essay Tips That Will Actually Help You (High School)
How to Deal if You’re Being Treated Unfairly at Work (After College)


Bloggers will pitch and write short (under 1 page), blog post-style pieces on timely topics, more focused on delivering an update rather than providing service.  Assignments are given daily (based on which days you are available) and "pitch-to-live" time is under 2 hours. Pieces do not require talking to sources.  Bloggers may select a certain section or sections (News, Entertainment, Style, and Beauty) to write for, or may choose to write for all sections. Additionally, each week, bloggers will be required to sign up for one pop culture OR news shift, a two-hour period during which they are expected to be at their computer and ready to write 1-2 blog posts.

Examples of Blog Posts:

‘The Intern’ is the Female-Led Film You’ve Been Waiting For (Pop Culture/Entertainment)
Emma Watson’s New Movie is the Ultimate Girl-Power Film (Pop Culture/Entertainment)
13 Reasons Why Mindy & Danny Will Be Amazing Parents (Pop Culture/Entertainment)
14 Street Style Looks from NYFW that You Can Totally Copy for Campus (Style)
SJP's Favorite Shoes From 'Sex & The City' Are... (Style) 
8 Collegiettes on Where They Got Their Favorite White Tee (Style)
Has Your Makeup Been Selfie-Approved? (Beauty)
Here's What Happened When I Transitioned to an All-Natural Beauty Routine (Beauty)
8 Reasons to be Excited for H&M's Fall Beauty Launch (Beauty)

News Bloggers

News bloggers will pitch and write short (under 1 page), blog post-style pieces on current events that matter to college women. Posts can be about anything from campus protests to the newest Starbucks drink or the latest presidential debate. Assignments are given daily (based on which days you are available) and "pitch-to-live" time is under 2 hours. Pieces do not require talking to sources, but they do require researching the event and writing an original post using 3+ links to other websites and articles. News bloggers are encouraged to add their own voice to posts in addition to conveying the facts. This position is an excellent opportunity for news junkie students who want to develop their writing skills while keeping college women up to date on the world.

Examples of News Blog Posts:

Donald Trump Will Skip Thursday's GOP Debate
Brown Students Give Malia Obama the Apology She Deserves
Beware: McDonald's Mozzarella Sticks Are Serving Up a Surprise
A New Survey Finds 1 in 4 College Women Have Experienced Sexual Assault 
Attention: Chipotle is Starting to Deliver to College Campuses
Watch Planned Parenthood Explain Consent in 4 Videos

Longform News Writers

Longform news writers will pitch, report and write longer, in-depth pieces exploring newsworthy topics that relate to college women. Assignments are given monthly, and "pitch-to-live" time is approximately 4 weeks. Longform writers will work with an editor to find an "angle" for each story they write and report from that perspective. Pieces require talking to sources, such as students, professors and experts who are involved in the story topic. Applicants for this position should have previous reporting experience and should feel comfortable conducting phone and in-person interviews.

Viral Content Writers

Viral Content Writers will pitch and write listicles, GIF-based content, and/or quizzes designed for social-sharing and virality, focused on providing entertainment. Assignments are given weekly and "pitch-to-live" time is approximately 1 week.  Pieces do not require talking to sources.

Examples of Viral Content:

20 Things Every Girl Needs to Do in Her 20s (After College)
Quiz: What Kind of Roommate Are You? (Life)
13 Reasons Why Wine is Like Your Best Friend (Life)  
The 7 Guys Your Friends Will Date (Love)
17 Signs You Go to School in Boston (Life)
10 Reasons Why Paris Geller is Your Spirit Animal (Life)
18 Reasons Why Your Best Friend from High School Will Be Your Lifelong BFF (Life)
The 30 Best Chick Flicks of All Time (Life)

Interested in applying for any of the positions listed above? Apply through our online application form here!


"I starting reading Her Campus when I was in high school, and from the moment that I visited the site, I knew it was going to be one of my favorites. The article relevancy, talented writers, and constant content made it a site that I always was checking in on. I dreamed that one day I'd be able to be part of the HC team, and after applying to be a Contributing Writer a few times, I finally got the position! I can definitely say that the day I received the acceptance email was one of the happiest days of my life, both personally and in my professional career. Her Campus to me means excellence in journalism and great connections, while staying chic, kind, caring and fabulous all at the same time. The editor-to-writer contact is professional and welcoming, and I'm so happy to be part of such a motivated, respectful team of game-changing women." - Jen Morgan, Her Campus National Contributing Writer

"I feel so fortunate to have been part of the Her Campus team, both nationally and at my campus branch. Not only was I able to improve my writing and create a portfolio, I also was able to meet other ambitious, fun, creative women who have since become some of my closest friends. The Her Campus team is truly dedicated to helping you, whether it's in the form of a recommendation letter for an internship, publicizing a popular story, or just lending an ear when you're looking for advice. I love following the continuous successes of the brand and look forward to seeing what's to come in the future!" - Allie Duncan, Former Her Campus National Contributing Writer and Chapter Team Member, Assistant PR Manager at Bloomingdales

"Writing for Her Campus gave me the confidence to pitch bold story ideas. I also got the chance to step out of my comfort zone and write assigned pieces that I never thought I could do. Working closely with editors helped improve my skills, as two editors took the time to look over my drafts every week and give me detailed feedback (many publications barely have the time to do this). I now have a variety of clips from my time with Her Campus, that I am proud to show to editors." - Sarah Casimong, Former Her Campus National Contributing Writer, Freelance Writer

"Working for Her Campus was a fantastic experience. It was my first opportunity to work with a national base of sources -- and it was a chance to work with some of the sharpest editors I've ever (virtually) met. I applied to write for Her Campus because I loved reading it, and it's a decision I'd make again in a heartbeat." - Meghan Frick, Former Her Campus National Contributing Writer, Communications & Outreach Specialist at Georgia Department of Education