Zendaya Attempting to Do a Face Mask with Glasses On Is So Relatable

For people who wear glasses, doing a face mask while also trying to wear your glasses and see is basically impossible. Wearing glasses during a mask leaves them all covered in gunk, but taking them off leaves you blind AF! Is there any winning here? 

Teen Vogue noticed that Zendaya shared this uber-relatable struggle on her Instagram story this week, posting a boomerang with the caption, “Skincare is important...but I also gotta see the TV.”

GIRL, we feel you. Whether you're trying to watch Netflix or finish typing up a paper, you have to be able to see! The queen of skincare and relatability, of course, rocks her gold foil sheet mask with her glasses on (which, surprise, are totally adorable).

We love that she used her celebrity status to shed light on ~serious~ issues like these. Maybe after seeing her Instagram story, someone will invent something to combat Goopy Post-Mask Glasses Syndrome (*prays* please!). It's relieving to know that even someone as fab as Zendaya has some of the same struggles as us, especially since she's, like, more goddess than human.

Maybe celebs are just like us after all.